how it all began

Jody's story & the birth of Bang On

"On the 1st of August 2018 my life was changed forever, sitting in the doctor's office hearing the words “I’m sorry to say you have breast cancer”. In that moment, my grief was instant; uncontrollable, my feelings jumped from being grief stricken, to disbelief; ultimately denial.

It was the hardest journey of mine and my family’s life. Months of chemotherapy, surgery and incredibly difficult side effects left me tired, in pain and with no appetite for anything, including sex. The effects the chemotherapy had had on my body were dramatic, it had forced me into an early menopause and I ached all over. Even the simplest of tasks would leave me worn out.

I realised I needed to get my health, mentally and physically, back into shape; so I decided that getting my sex life back was an essential first step, not only for me, but also for my partner. The trouble was, the lasting effects of the treatments I had gone through had made things very difficult.

I began researching possible accessories in an attempt to get our sex life back on track. It was at this time that I came across sex positioning furniture – not only would it help with the aches and pains but also would better support my body. 

At last a glimmer of hope. I found a product I wanted to try. I attempted to order it, but unfortunately it was out of stock on every website I looked at. I thought this surely must be a great product if it’s out of stock everywhere, and after a little more digging I realised why; the products I were interested in were manufactured in the USA. We were in the middle of the COVID pandemic so obviously goods weren’t being shipped as they should be.

So my next mission was to then find a UK manufacturer.

After a lot of searching all I could find were some ‘blow up’ cushions that looked like they did the right job. As we couldn’t find the real thing, we thought we’d give the blow up version a go… big mistake! It was like having sex on a jelly! It was flimsy and didn’t support me at all. Completely the opposite of what I needed. It became very frustrating.

I’d got so fixated by searching for these products online, that I forgot to look closer to home. My partner and I own a successful sewing business, creating all sorts of items out of our Lancashire factory – Lancashire is the textile and manufacturing heart of the UK. So after a lot of discussion, research, product designing, material prototyping and lots of fun testing. we had designed a product… and Bang On was born.

We now have a range of products using the very best materials, meticulous attention to detail and made with real life needs in mind. We think they’re the best sex cushions, wedges and positioning products you can buy; they are beautiful to look at so would not look out of place in any home, but more importantly, amazing to have sex on!!!

Bang On really has been something good that’s come out of a very difficult situation, It’s been 2 years since my treatment and I still have issues from the chemotherapy and the operations, but the products we created have genuinely helped get my sex life back on track and have helped my mindset and my general outlook on life. I am now forever grateful for every day.

I really hope you love Bang On products as much as we do.

Jody xxx